Jireh Africa Missions (JAM)

Jireh Africa Missions (JAM)


The Jireh Ministries Africa Poultry Project 

Poultry farming is an endeavor that complements our mission and values very well and we believe it will be success because:

1. Poultry farming is a successful industry in Uganda, especially around Kampala.

2. It requires a relatively small space and small initial investment.

3. There is a sufficient availability of day old chicks and feed

4. We have calculated the breeding to egg laying ratio to build up to a total of 1,000 chicks within the first 6 months.

5. Ultimately, the project goal is to totally fund Jireh Kids Care, enabling them to continue on their mission:  to improve the social economic welfare of the vulnerable in our society (the orphans, at risk youth, and the elderly).

6. Create jobs for at least 10 at risk youths not currently employed, giving them an alternative to depending on handouts to survive.

Please consider giving to this fine program: JMA Poultry!