Jireh Africa Missions (JAM)

Jireh Africa Missions (JAM)


Water Projects, also know as The Lords Wells

Working on sanitation project in Kampala Uganda
Working on sanitation project in Kampala Uganda

Update: December 26, 2020  We are asking for $220 in donations to finish a toilet to improve sanitation on Ministry grounds.

Please consider donating to this very worthwhile cause. This toilet would improve sanitation conditions in the ministry school and benefit 30 children. The project has been started and only needs $220 to buy bricks, sand and cement plus labor to complete. 

Giving Hope With the Gift of Clean Water

From 2018 to 2020, Lord’s Well Ministries – Uganda (as part of Jireh Africa Missions ) designed a Community Water Project to deliver safe and sustainable water sources in ten (10) districts facing serious water stress in Uganda. 
Community Water Project is intended to enable rural communities’ access to sustainable water sources. In Uganda current statistics indicate that national safe water coverage is estimated at 55% as at June 2017. Lord’s Well Ministries has partnered with church leaders and local community leaders with support from generous donors, to implement Community Water Project. 
 The project broad goal is to contribute to the achievement of universal and equitable access to clean and affordable drinking water for all in ten identified districts of Uganda. The specific objectives are:
➢ To design and deliver clean and safe water sources in 500 different communities in Uganda by the end of 2024.
➢ To mitigate underlying socio-cultural, gender, technology and other barriers that sustain poor management of safe water sources in project areas.
➢ To promote effective management of water sources to ensure sustainable water access to communities 

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