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Welcome to our Ministry Update Page.

Our focus is giving to our community. To adults, children and the elderly who desperately need it. Our main goals are:

1.Helping our youth group continue their ministry through music

2. Helping us get fresh, drinkable water to the most marginalized populations of Uganda 

3. Helping our 250 children get a valuable education and food

This page is to keep you updated on how we are accomplishing these goals.

Founder Tonny Mwesigwa’s Wife Praying for the Children Before the Food Was Given to 100 Children in Kampala, Uganda
Founder Tonny Mwesigwa’s Wife Praying for the Children Before the Food Was Given to 100 Children in Kampala, Uganda

Jireh Africa Missions Make Christmas Bright For 100 Local Children in Kampala, Uganda 

December 24, 2020

Thanks to your generous donations Founder Tonny Mwesigwa and wife Gailey were able to provide food and soda as a Christmas treat for 100 children and their families in Kampala, Uganda. The children were each given 5 kgs ( that’s 11 pounds!) of rice so they could have something to eat on Christmas. In addition each child was given a pack of soda pop as a treat for Christmas! They were so happy and grateful. Thank you for making this outreach possible. 

41st well done due to the generosity of the Winn Foundation , USA
41st well done due to the generosity of the Winn Foundation , USA

Well Completed in Gimbo Village, Wakiso District, Kampala Uganda!

Update December 23, 2020 - We Completed Our 41st Well Thanks To The Generosity of the Winn Foundation, Vancouver, Wa USA.

Please Help Finance a Well for Bulyaasi Village, Mpigi District, Uganda.

August 23, 2020

Tonny Mwesigwa, Founder JAM, announces a new fundraiser. With $2;500, Tonny would be able to drill a well for the people of Bulyaasi Village who have no clean safe water in their vicinity. Please consider giving to this important, desperately needed cause. All money goes directly to JAM projects. 

Update: Thanks to your generous donations we have the funds to complete the Bulyaasi Village Well Project.It will be completed October 2020. Praise God.

Below are pictures of the ongoing project.

Milk For The Impoverished 

6/13/2020, Jireh Africa Missions Founder, Tonny Mwesigwa, organized this Jireh Kids Care outreach campaign to raise money in order to give milk to families in desperate need of assistance. Through Todd Gaylor, a 7 day Go Fund Me account was set up to accept donations for this outreach.

6/20/2020  We were able, through your generous donations, to raise $400.00 for the endeavor. 

6/24/2020  Tonny was able to give a large box of powdered milk to 75 households  with this money. The recipients were truly grateful.

Pictures have been posted on the top of this page and in our Gallery. Please check them out.

6/26/2020  Tonny launched a new campaign to raise $1,000.00 to buy rice for the impoverished children and their families in his school.

7/22/2020 With the donations received, Tonny was able to give 100 families a huge bag of rice that should last the families a long while. Our heartfelt thanks to all who donated and prayed for this project to be a success. Pictures are posted in our gallery

Jireh Africa Missions wants to sincerely thank all those who participated in this enterprise and to those who contributed. Thank You.

7/23/2020 JAM Founder, Tonny Mwesigwa, announced his plan to raise chickens for the eggs. Poultry farming is a thriving enterprise in Uganda. Once this plan is funded the Jireh Kids Care outreach ministry will be fully funded and 10 jobs will become available for at risk youth. 

Shoes for needy children 

August 3rd 2020

The donation of $100 from Donna Wilbanks was put to excellent use when Tonny Mwesigwa, founder of JAM, provided shoes for 25 children who had no shoes at all before this gift. Thanks to Donna and all those who give to JAM. Your gifts make such a difference!

Children gathering contaminated water in the Wakiso District near Kamplala, Uganda
Children gathering contaminated water in the Wakiso District near Kamplala, Uganda

Please help fund a well for the Wakiso district near Kampala, Uganda. The cost is $2500. 

10/22/2020 - Funding Wakiso Well is urgent. The villagers there currently do not have access to safe water. As you can see in the picture the children gather their water from a contaminated pond. We desperately need your help for this village. Donations in any amount are very much appreciated and will help us achieve our goal. Any questions? Please call our founder Tonny Mwesigwa at 256 774 108 155.
Well drilling rig
Well drilling rig

10/25/2020 New Target Project for 2020....Help Us Buy A Well Digging Rig.!

Currently, the wells that are dug ny Jireh Ministries Africa, are dug by hand. This is not the best way for this to be done. For instance, the well at Bulyaasi Village in the Mpigi District, is already dug to 22 meters, the dirt at this level is starting to crumble in and is in danger of collapse. If this were to happen when someone was in the well digging they could lose their life. The time it takes to dig a well by hand is close to a month, but with the Well Digging Rig it takes only 3-5 days and is completely safe. For these reasons,  please join with us and donate so that we can purchase this Well Drilling Rig to enable us to drill wells for more villages in the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda Africa.